The ability to effortlessly flow from a home’s indoor and outdoor living areas makes the difference in how we relate to those spaces, use them and, ideally, enjoy them.


 Defining the essence of space, whether in your home or workplace, is a process of discovery and should reflect your truest feelings about what is important to you.


 For Sandra, her art is about alchemy, a way of exploring, composing and transcending the use of collected and fibrous materials into something uniquely beautiful, transforming them into art.


As the garden grows, so does the gardener.


Gardens and your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home; they are an expression of your personality and style. Each of us is uniquely different, so your outdoor spaces should reflect this. They, too, are rooms. They play an important role in the way you live, and the overall enjoyment of the place we call home. Sandra designs for a wide range of tastes and styles, and works with each of her clients, individually, to create just the right outdoor solution that blends harmoniously with the rest of your home. In that end, Sandra wants you to feel comfortable inside and out! And, along the way gain a new appreciation of nature’s art.



Where nature and human environments meet


Taking her cues from nature, environmental artist, interior and landscape designer, Sandra Adams uses her plethra of experiences to artfully curate spaces that blend a harmony of hues and textures from nature to enliven your home or workspace. Her desire is to reflect the outside world within. No one style fits all. More over, Sandra is interested in designing environments that reveal her client’s unique personality; the way that they live and want to feel at home.



Art reflects our interactions with the natural environment


Sandra’s work as an artist can be described as intuitive; call it her second nature. She gathers her inspiration from nature yet finds beauty everywhere. Whether creating traditional or contemporary art forms, made one piece at a time, she does so from fibers, textiles, paper, plants, or ink, all of which are of natural form. Sandra beautifully hand-dyes her natural materials from collected plants, findings, and materials all of which are a source of color, texture, and form for her art. Her studio serves as the place where the nature of things come to life; where alchemy happens.